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October 2017
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Autumn Home Upkeep

Just like spring, the fall comes with its own set of home care suggestions, but rather than deep cleaning, homeowners should be storing, prepping, and organizing for the cooler months.

The Yard

  • Fall is the best time to aerate, reseed and/or fertilize the lawn. Aerating will allow oxygen, water and fertilizer to easily reach the roots while fertilizing provides extra nutrients over the dormant winter months.
  • Don't forget to add spring color by planting tulip, lily, and daffodil bulbs.
  • Trim back tree branches and limbs that may grow close to you or your neighbor's home, as well as power lines.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts and inspect the roof for missing, loose, or cracked shingles.

The Garage

  • Clean and store garden tools, as well as the lawn mower. Empty out unused fuel from gas-powered equipment because sediment can build up and clog the fuel lines.
  • Cover and store outdoor furniture.
  • Test and prepare generators for loss of power due to winter storms.

The Home

  • Check the fireplace and chimney. Most chimney sweeps recommend an annual sweeping, but depending on how often you use the fireplace, you might be able to wait on a full sweep. But if you will be using the fireplace often, call a chimney sweep for an inspection.
  • Stock up on wood; it's recommended to keep firewood at least 30 feet from the house and covered.
  • Replace the air filter in the furnace and clean ducts to ensure the system's efficiency. Call in an HVAC contractor to test the heating output and give the system a tune-up.
  • Caulk windows and doors to prevent heat from escaping.
  • Change the direction of the ceiling fan. Fans should run clockwise in the winter in order to help circulate the warm air.
  • Daylight savings time is the ideal benchmark for changing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as inspecting any fire extinguishers. This year we turn the clocks back November 5.
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Tanya was FANTASTIC from start to finish ! We interviewed Tanya alongside with several other realtors when we began the journey to sell our home. She didn't rush us, and made us feel like she would be willing to go above and beyond for us. She came very prepared with local information and facts to help us make a sound decision. We have moved around a bit over the last 10-15 years so this process was nothing new for us. What was new was the level of service and honesty received from Tanya. She made herself available 24/7 and her response time was very impressive usually within a minute or two at all times of the day and night. I believe her marketing approach and networking ability are 2nd to none. She was always upfront and supportive with great follow through to the very end. She helped us in every aspect of this process to dealing with the buyers agent through the closing at the title company. I would use Tanya again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Honest, Reliable and Knowledgeable Realtor
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